We are a Lebanon based creative agency. Big Idea is a branding, advertising and creative services company committed to meeting the advertising, marketing and communications needs of clients in Lebanon, the Middle East and some parts of the world. Founded in 2003, Big Idea celebrated it’s “10 years of creative excellence” anniversary in 2013, while continuing to be recognized as a pre-eminent marketing, advertising, design, and public relations firms serving a regional, national, and international client database. As an aggressive and agile firm, we believe in the fundamentals of communication strategies and have developed a reputation for effective, on-target marketing. We are known for building and positioning brands and maximizing the exposure and response to our client’s marketing efforts. We believe no brand can make a motivating and lasting connection with people unless it demonstrates a deep, empathetic and intimate understanding of their lives. Only when it has shown it has people’s best interests at heart, will that brand become resonant and important, and the advertising work harder to deliver a return to the business. We maintain a simple core business structure that allows us to continuously adapt to as well as anticipate the dynamic and demanding global economy in order to continue to satisfy clients worldwide throughout our network.


What is Big Idea?

Have you ever looked back when you first opened your eyes to catch the glimpse of the first rays of light? Can you try to feel and live again that primitive and pure sensation! An experience immaculate and intact from contaminated wisdom of today’s canned thoughts! At Big Idea Branding & Advertising, Beirut Lebanon, we revive the sensation of that pure experience, that innocent playfulness, that natural expressive ideas and emotions.

In today’s plethora of “fit-me-too” contrived ideas, we dare to challenge the status quo. By all the noise that intoxicates the mundane mind, Big Idea still hears that pure and innocent voice that give the creative energy to drive things forward. Now, we still do the things we did as children but we give it complete meaning too.

We are born from that simple-voice of original expressive ideas that are audaciously creative, and speak a formatted-language of the unconscious guilt. The unconscious does not recognize content. The unconscious recognizes form and structure, this is why we resist advertising, because we have become so used to it; we know it is designed to influence.

If you are one of those who are told what to do, what to say, how to behave, then we are not the right agency for you.

Edmond H. Sweidy
CEO/Creative Director
Big Idea Branding & Advertising
Beirut, Lebanon